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EUPEUP Facilities Travel Calculator   Enterprise

View the Enterprise Rental Procedures for EUP Faculty and Staff.
View a complete listing of available rental types and rates for Enterprise.

Total Miles (Round-trip):
(Find out with MapQuest.)
Car Rental Type:  
Total Time of Trip (days): Cost of Fuel Per Gallon:  


Cost for Enterprise Rental:
Estimated Cost for Fuel:
Total Cost for Enterprise Rental:
Cost Per Mile for Enterprise Rental:
Total Cost for State Car:
Cost Per Mile for State Car:
Mileage Reimbursement Total  
for Personal Car (fuel included):
Mileage Reimbursement Rate  
for Personal Car ( mile):
NOTE: The fuel cost is only an estimate. The actual cost may differ due to the actual fuel economy of the vehicle and the varying fuel prices.

Please print this form after performing the calculation and attach it with your Travel Authorization Form. Go to a Printer Friendly Version of this page.